Since she was a kid she developed a taste for fine arts and art in general. Decided to focus its future in a creative field, she studied fashion design at the European Institute of Design. When finished her studies she moved to New York. There she worked for the painter Paul Balmer and studied drawing and painting for a year at The Art Student League of New York.

When she returned to Madrid, began to work with the fashion brand La Casita de Wendy, where she has been part of the creative team for more than five years, creating and developing in addition much of the prints that are so typical to the brand. In 2013 launched together with her two partners, Ana and Isabel, their own brand Planet Palmer. She has been habitually collaborating with recognized brands as Vans, Sony, Bvlgari or L' Oréal. From 2015 she became Swatch`s Ambassador, a brand always related to art. In the same year she was image of the international campaign to SONY Xperia Z3 both TV and billboards around the world.

As an Illustrator she has also collaborated at various fanzines and part of her work has been exposed in independent galleries. In addition, you can find her deejaying in indie locals and in the most exclusive parties in Madrid.