Eli García and Eli Simó crossed their first words when they were only six: -I love your outfit, Eli G. said. Since then, these two friends became inseparable and share a great passion for life, family and fashion. Each one of them decided to develop their own professional paths: Eli G. studied Architecture in Barcelona and Rome, doing her internship in New York. Eli S. studied Law in Barcelona and Amsterdam. Currently they work as an architect and as a lawyer respectively in their home city, Barcelona and they share the same passion for fashion, family and life, communicating it through their big common project: Lost in Vogue.

This online platform, which began as a connecting element between them, as an open window to share their findings, tastes and style, has become gradually a nationally well renowned blog and has given them the opportunity to take part of this world of fashion, trends and avant-garde they are passionate about. Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, their experience as mothers… and a lot of life is what Eli&Eli share in their blog.

After five years of successful career, they have made many collaborations with brands like Dove, Parfois, Tous, Geox, Smash!, H&M, Mascaró and many other ones to which now some actions with kids fashion brands have recently joined like Pasito a Pasito or Tous Baby & Kids, after starting their facet as moms.